Image courtesy Roger LeLievre

Image courtesy Roger LeLievre

Since the year 2000 when this website started, the author has interviewed many family members, authors, directors, and prominent people in the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew. Listed here are a few of the major interviews.


Heidi Brabon

Heidi Brabon is the daughter of Blaine Wilhelm who was the oiler on board the Fitz during the last voyage.

Missy Clark-Nabozny

The granddaughter of John Simmons, Missy sat for two interviews with Tim over the years and shed light on her grandfather and her thoughts on the tragedy.

Susan Hills

Sue Hills' uncle was Gordon MacLellean, the wiper during the fateful last voyage.

Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson is the daughter of Robert Rafferty, the cook on board the Fitz. Pam Johnson was the first family member to contact Tim regarding the website back in the year 2000, expressing support and gratitude, and ultimately putting Tim in contact with many other families.

John O'Brien

John O'Brien is Eugene O'Brien's son. Eugene was the wheelsman when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank.

Cheryl Rozman

Cheryl Rozman is the daughter of watchman Ransom Cundy. Cheryl was instrumental in providing photographs and biographical information of her beloved father.

Carol Ross

Joseph Mazes, special maintenance man on board the Fitz on November 10, 1975, was Carol Ross, Marge Soronen, and Joe Sajdak's uncle. In 2001, Joe Sajdak and Marge Soronen joined Tim for an in-depth interview with Tim to talk about the ship, the tragedy, and their lost uncle. Four years later, another niece of "Jugsy," Carol Ross, sat down for an interview with Tim.

Bill Wilhelm, Dorothy Lumberg, and Marion Markeson

Blaine Wilhelm was the oiler on board the Edmund Fitzgerald during the tragedy.  His brother and sisters Bill, Dorothy, and Marion agreed to sit for an interview with Tim in early 2001.

Authors and Directors

Image by Winston Brown

Image by Winston Brown


Dr. Shelley Russell wrote and directed the play Holdin' Our Own.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is the author of the book Mighty Fitz. S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald author Tim McCall was interviewed for the book, and Mr. Schumacher kindly obliged to do an interview for inclusion on this website.

Frederick Stonehouse

Author of the immensely popular The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Frederick Stonehouse sat for an interview with Tim in the early days of S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online, when Tim was still in high school.