Ransom E. Cundy

Born: May 16, 1922

Hometown: Superior, Wisconsin

Job aboard: Watchman

Biographical information: Ransom (Ray) Cundy the son of Ransom Sr. and Lucille (DuLong) Cundy was born on April 16,1922 in Houghton, Michigan. It was also Easter Sunday that year. He went to St Cecilia Catholic School in Hubbell during his elementary years and graduated from Lake Linden High School in 1941. He joined the United States Marine Corp during WW II and fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. He was one of the few fortunate to survive the historic invasion. He received several medals and commendations for his military service. He married Mary (Betty) Ewen on June 28, 1946 & had two daughters, Cheryl born on November 13, 1947 and Janice born on May 12, 1950.

He started sailing on the boats shortly after he got out of the service. He sailed for the National Steel Corp, the Hanna Company and finally the Olgebay Norton Company. He sailed on numerous boats throughout his career. Some were the Ernest T. Weir, Str. Mudge, Str. George Humphrey, Str. Albert T. Heekin, Str. Reserve, Str. Armco among others. He sailed under Captain Pulcer for several years & had great admiration for him. He was sailing on the Str. Reserve when he came on board the Str. Edmund Fitzgerald with him. His best friend, Fred Beetcher also went on to the Fitzgerald & was on board with Ransom when the Fitzgerald sank. Ransom spent 7 or 8 years on the Edmund Fitzgerald until its demise.

He loved sailing & had sailed for about 30 years. He had taken a job on shore for 5 years in the early 60's to be with his family, but eventually he returned to the lakes. He & Betty divorced in the late 60's and both eventually remarried. At the time of his death, there was an impending second divorce.

He was a well liked by his relatives and friends on shore and also with his sailing community. He was known to like to tell jokes and pull pranks on his fellow crew mates. He could always be counted on if someone needed advice or a favor. He was a man with very strong beliefs..
His daughter, Janice, met with an untimely death on March 30,1974 leaving behind 3 small children Daniel, Kevin & Melissa. He took her death very hard. He was no longer that happy, jovial man. He turned into a sad and beaten man.

He left behind his daughter Cheryl, her husband Rick, their 7 children, Lisa, Linda, Scott, Darren, Kimberly, Jennifer & Laura and their 8 grandchildren, Tyler, Jayda, Payton, Savanna, Grant, Deven, Logan & Lauren. Janice’s children also survive. Daniel is married & has 3 children: Dana, Nicholas & Nathan. Kevin is unmarried.& is a manager at a Pasta Shop. Melissa is married and has 3 children, Miranda, Breanne and Aili. He would be proud to see that his family has survived the tragedy of his death. He’ll always live on through the genetic genes he carries through their little bodies. The grandchildren and great-children have been told about the history of the Str. Edmund Fitzgerald and their Grandpa Cundy. They love & respect him. God saw that Ransom had lived his full life... He is now at peace.