Fitzgerald Family Memories

Fond memories of lost love ones.

Image copyright S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online

Image copyright S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online

Carol Ross on her uncle Jugsy (Mazes):

Oh God, there's been many of them. He always was over and he always treated us so good. He taught us to drive and used to take us out on the old Odanah Road in Ashland and he was always there buying things for us and being good to us. When he died we had it so hard, and I didn't sleep for nights.

Heidi Brabon on her dad Blaine (Wilhelm):

I remember the summers at the lake the most. We would all go out and barbeque and just goof off all day. Of course, this was after we picked blueberries, but with 7 kids it didn't take long to get enough for a pie. Dad loved blueberry pie. Sometimes he would also go to some of the local bars for what he called "Sunday school" but it was just an excuse to get together with his friends, which he loved. I remember he would take us with him sometimes, and he always saved ALL of his change from the whole year and split it with all the kids when he got home at the end of the year.

Cheryl Rozman on her dad Ransom (Cundy):

He made the best homemade French fries, potato chips & breakfast. He loved to cook, plus he took over Jan’s & my dishwashing jobs while he was home. He liked to play jokes on Mom, Jan, and me. We took walks together a lot & Mom always stayed way in front of Dad. He loved to tease her! When Jan & I were in our teens, Mom was always reminding us that if we got into any trouble, she’d have to answer to Daddy. He loved us very much.

Missy Clark-Nabozny on her grandpa John (Simmons):

My fondest memories would be us always going for walks. We would walk from the corner store to get a soda pop and walk back to his house, while he jingled change. He always jingled his changed in his pocket. He also always visited the firemen at the firehouse a block and a half from his house.

John O'Brien on his dad Eugene (O'Brien):

I don't have many bad memories. He liked to laugh and had a good sense of humor. He loved playing cards and visiting people; he was very sociable. Every year we went someplace-a great vacation with just the two of us. Those were great memories. He was always smiling. He was a guy's guy.

Pam Johnson on her dad Robert (Rafferty):

I remember when he was home in the winter and he would take me with him everywhere. When I got older I still liked him home during the winter because he would take those baking and cooking classes and we got to eat his homework.

Sue Hills on her uncle Gordon (MacLellan):

He was short and stocky and always had a smile on his face. He also loved hot dogs!