Robert C. Rafferty

Born: June 16, 1913

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Job aboard: Steward/Cook

Biographical information: Born June, 1913 in Toledo Ohio, Robert Rafferty sailed on the ships and attended baking and cooking classes during the off season. He got married to Brooksie Williamson in 1949, and had a daughter, Pam, in 1952, who is his only child. Pam also has a half brother.

Rafferty, steward onboard during the Fitzgerald's last journey, was actually thinking of retiring after that last trip because he was in bad health and was always away from the family, which he regretted. He was actually not even supposed to be on the ship!!! He was filling in for Richard Bishop who was home with bleeding ulcers so Robert took his place!

"I used to take my father to some of the ports on the Great Lakes. I have good memories of a loving and devoted father." said Pam Johnson.

Pam Johnson was 23 and an expecting mother when she first learned that the Edmund Fitzgerald had sank with her father on board. She thinks it is very important for people to learn about the disaster because she says that it is an important part of our history.